Mindtalk is an ongoing project that is about negotiating with intuition in an increasingly empirical world. 

As the digital realm expands, quantifiable data becomes a fetishized commodity. Data driven products make consequential, but often veiled, decisions. The quantifiable shapes our worldview. 

What do we lose when we submit to this vision without question? This is at the heart of my investigation in Mindtalk

Building a tool in p5.js that allowed me to pull an image at random from the internet, I began a meditation pratice that aimed at intuiting the content of the photo. My process was informed by the technique for remote viewing outlined in declassified CIA doeuments. 
Mindtalk, 2019-present 
declassified CIA douments, p5.js, css, html, paper, pen

Special thanks to Allison Parrish & Fruitful School Winter 2020