︎Weight of a Cloud

What possibilities open up when we allow ourselves to chase phantoms? Can the digital ever help us reconcile the persistence of the unknown? This site catalogs a series of inquires. Using the internet to talk about the internet, can we understand better our connection and discorrelation from pervasive technologies, hidden histories and one another?

The ghost points out the paradox of the invisible but perceptible. This is a space that holds a lot and feels real, and yet is so easy to ignore and deny, barely existing in a highly quantified society. To be unobserved means to be without data, and to be without data is to be unimportant. In a time where we are observed, reduced to data, and sold back our identities, I want to understand this unknown, uncomfortable space better.

    ︎by Dawn Sinkowski

I’m a artist & researcher based in Brooklyn. I’m a dogless dog-lover who’s spent quarantine watching true crime documentaries, fantasizing about traveling back to Greece and researching the spike in UFO sightings. I like to waste time on eBay.

    ︎Gratitude & Thanks

This project would not have been possible without the support of Dan Siegler & Luisa Pereira.
additional thanks to: 
Theo Ellin Ballew
Gabe Barcia-Colombo
Billy Bennett
Lizzy Chiappini
Rachel Costas
Christina Dacanay
Dana Elkis
Alex Galloway
Katie Han
Clarinda Mac Low
Sydney Meyers
Cezar Mocan
Guillermo Montecinos
Allison Parrish
Elizabeth Perez
Sue Roh
Sarah Rothberg
Simone Salvo